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Children’s Cancer Institute's CEO Dare to Cure is your chance to make an impact and help us cure childhood cancer. 

Join other leading CEOs and business leaders and take on a dare at the iconic Fleet Steps, Botanic Gardens. 

Friday 23 October 2020 - 6.00am- 9.30am

An update on the 2020 event


"Curing childhood cancer is very close to my heart"

"Getting my head shaved was nothing compared to what these children face. I really appeal to everybody to get involved, it really is the most incredible event. Let’s together help cure every child with cancer."

Debra Singh, Group CEO, Greenlit Brands (Freedom, Fantastic Furniture, Plush & OMF), 2018 participant

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Help our researchers find a cure for kids like Kane

Kane was diagnosed with leukaemia when he was just three. He underwent two gruelling years of chemotherapy, only to relapse a year later. This time it was worse. He was so frail his parents couldn’t even hug him for fear of breaking his bones. Kane continues to receive treatment but despite an uncertain future, he remains as adventurous as ever. Your support allows us to match Kane’s resilience with answers by developing safer and more effective treatments for devastating childhood cancers like leukaemia.

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