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Nixon's story

Nixon's story

When Brodie was 36 weeks pregnant with Nixon, doctors picked up a fairly large lump, almost the size of an adult’s fist, on the baby’s head however couldn’t really confirm what it was. 

When Nixon was born on 30th March 2015, Brodie didn’t have much time to enjoy her new born. Specialists were consulted to run tests on Nixon to diagnose the lump on his head. Although he was otherwise fine, it was decided a biopsy was necessary to make an accurate diagnosis. The operation would be very risky as Nixon could bleed out during the surgery.

At 1.5 weeks old, Nixon underwent the 5 hour operation. The biopsy had been successful. A few days later Nixon’s family received the news they hoped to never hear; Nixon was diagnosed with a malignant tumour.

Little Nixon went straight into surgery to insert his central line and started his chemo therapy a few days later at just 2.5 weeks old.

Brodie and her family had a hard time telling their family as they had gone through a rough time already. Before Nixon, Brodie was 8 months pregnant when she was hit by a car and lost the baby. Telling their family Nixon was diagnosed with cancer would break everyone’s heart.  

After a couple of rounds of chemotherapy Brodie and her family could start to see his tumour shrink. It almost felt like it was melting away. After 4 rounds of chemotherapy and at 4 months of age, Nixon had surgery to remove what was left of his tumour. Surgery was successful and he completed his final 6 rounds of chemotherapy to finish in January 2016 when he was declared NED ( no evidence of disease).

Since his operation to remove his tumour Nixon has had numerous procedures to graft skin and heal his wound. This is still ongoing with his latest procedure being tissue expanders.

“Nixon has come this far due to research. Research is the key to unlocking a cure and improved treatment options to Children’s cancer. And we all need and dream of a cure!” Brodie, Nixon’s mum

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