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About the Event

Do you Dare? Help cure childhood cancer.

Children’s Cancer Institute's CEO Dare to Cure is your chance to make an impact and help us cure childhood cancer. Join other leading CEOs, MDs and Business Leaders and take on a dare at our one-day special event on the morning of Friday 6th September 2019. 

"I really appeal to everybody to get involved, it really is the most incredible event. Let's together help cure every child with cancer." - Debra Singh, Group CEO, Greenlit Brands (Freedom, Fantastic Furniture, Plush & OMF), 2018 participant

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Children's Cancer Institute's CEO Dare to Cure?

CEO Dare to Cure is your chance to make an impact and help us fund research to find a cure childhood cancer. Take on a dare challenge (or more than one) to demonstrate your support for kids with cancer at a one-day special event on 6th September 2019.

Where and what time is the event?

The event will be held at the iconic Fleet Steps inside the beautiful Botanical Gardens overlooking the Opera House and Harbour Bridge.

It is recommended you arrive a little early at 6:00am for a 6:30am start. The event will end at 9:30am. 

Can I do more than one Dare?

Yes - we have 7 dare options to choose from and you can do one OR as many as you like.

Do I have to do one of the 7 Dares on the website?

Yes- if you would like to participate in the CEO Dare to Cure event on 6th September you will need to complete one of the 7 pre-selected Dares. We have limited the selection of Dares to 7 to ensure that the experience on the day is as good as it can be. We are open to dare ideas for future years of course.

Do I have to attend the event or can I do the Dares at a different time?

Yes- we require all participants to attend the event on the 6th September rather than completing Dares at different times.

Who can register for Dare to Cure?

CEO Dare to Cure is for CEOs and Business Leaders (C Suite and Heads of Department) who dare to help cure childhood cancer.

Can I invite a colleague, peer or friend to participate?

Yes - you can invite a colleague, peer or friend if they area business leader and are also going to fundraise for the event. As this is a fundraising event unfortunately we will not accept participants who haven’t fundraised. 

What happens once I register?

Once you register you will receive an automated email confirming your registration. A few days later a 2nd email will be sent with fundraising hints and tips.

During registration you were prompted to add a photo OR inspiring text, if you skipped this step, it is your responsibility to update your profile page by clicking “log in” located at the top of the homepage to start fundraising. 

We will send you a welcome email with web link to share with supporters and fundraising toolkit to inspire you. This fundraising kit will also be available on the website – Click here .

Can I register on someone's behalf?

Yes, as long as you complete all of the required fields the participant does not need to personally complete the registration process. 

How do I donate to an individual?

Clicking the 'Donate' tab at the top right-hand side of the home page will take you to all of the fundraising pages. Simply search by first name or last name of the person you wish to support.

What should my fundraising target be?

Be ambitious. We are recommending a target of $5,000 for each participant though you are welcome to adjust this to your desired target. $2,600 is the equivalent of funding life-saving minimal residual disease testing for an Australian child at high chance of relapse from leukaemia. 

How can I get in touch to find out more?

Visit our contact us page

Event Day - 6th September 2019

Where is the event venue?

The venue is located at Fleet Steps at the Royal Botanic Garden- Google Maps link here . To view a map of the area – click here.

Is there parking at the venue?

Yes, there is on street parking on Mrs Macquaries Road, 350m (5 minute walk) from Fleet Steps. The parking is $8.50 p/h and unlimited and we have reserved sufficient spots for the day so you will have no trouble parking. 

What time should I arrive?

We recommend you arrive a little early at 6:00 for a 6:30 sharp start. 

What should I bring?

Clothing that is suitable for Dare activities! If you have selected the Athletes Ice Bath Challenge we suggest you bring some board shorts, rash vest or t-shirt to get wet along with a towel and warm clothes to get changed into. 

Will I be insured on the day?

Children's Cancer Institute has standard insurance required for the conduct of its fundraising events, and the providers of the individual Dares have appropriate insurance for their activities.  As stated in the Terms & Conditions, Children's Cancer Institute will not insure you individually or your employer specifically in relation to any aspect of the event including the Dares. It is recommended that any necessary personal insurance is taken out to cover your participation prior to the event.

Are spectators welcome?

Yes we encourage family, friends, colleagues and supporters to come to the event and witness the dares.

Will there be catering?

Yes, there will be suitable refreshments available free of charge. 

What facilities will be available on the day?

There will be a marque and changing tents.  There won't be showers at the event due to the nature of the venue. 


Can I continue to fundraise after the event?

Absolutely, if the participant has not reached their goal the can continue to fundraise until they reach their target for up to 4 weeks after the event.

Share your success?

You have ‘Dared to Cure’ make sure you celebrate this success and share photos and tell all of your peers and networks as often many people will continue to support you after the event. 

Corporate dollar matching?

Many companies have the ability to apply for corporate dollar matching after the event closes. Feel free to make enquiries prior to the day as to the status of your companies dollar match policy. You should be rewarded for your amazing efforts.