Dialog Box

Meet some of our past participants

Anna Carrabs, CEO, King Living

Robert Kelly, CEO, Steadfast

Chris Dutton, CEO, The CEO Magazine

Chris Green, CEO, Hungry Jack's

Clovis Young, CEO and Founder, Mad Mex

Debra Singh, Group CEO, Greenlit Brands (Freedom, Fantastic Furniture, Plush and OMF)

James Spenceley, Chairman Airtasker & VC Investor

Joe Kelly, CEO, The Sydney Roosters

Monika Tu, CEO Black Diamondz Property Concierge

Paul Anderson, CEO Network 10

Peter Filipovic, CEO, Carlton & United Breweries

Sam Bashiry, Founder, Broadband Solutions

Steve Traplin, CEO, Groupon

Taryn Williams, CEO and Influencer, theright.fit